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IT as a Service Customized For Your Business. 

IT as a Service, Security and Compliance, Managed Services

Does this sound familiar? You hadn’t given much thought to the IT needs of your business until you hired a vendor that was never available, or couldn’t understand the unique needs of your company or healthcare practice. Your network is unreliable, non-compliant and exposed to data breach but you can’t get someone on the phone to fix it.  When you have IT problems, it can be disastrous for your business and the cost of that downtime or security breach could be lost customers or heavy regulatory fines.

At Grassroutes, our goal is to optimize the health and compliance of your entire network, while always available to our customers through our special blend of high touch customer service, IT expertise and security and compliance know-how.

We are at the intersection of your compliance requirements, business needs and IT landscape. We strive to ensure that your mission critical data is delivered securely and dependably at all times. We understand that your business is evolving quickly; that’s why we offer ITaaS solutions to fit your immediate needs. And when those needs change, we’ll be there all along the way with recommendations and solutions to support your company’s growth and success.

See how much more productive you can be when your network is in the right hands.

Our Valued Partners

“We’ve been very pleased with Grassroutes Networking. The team is always very responsive. They come over whenever we need them to, though because the solution is so well implemented, we seldom need them to. Grassroutes is accessible and able to solve whatever issue might spring up and we are glad to now be fully compliant. They have exceeded my expectations.”
Owner, Investment Advisory Business
“In the past, we’d have initial contact with an IT vendor and 90% of the time we never saw or heard from that person again. For us, having uninterrupted contact with the team that has been there from the beginning, as they have been for us at Grassroutes, is tremendous. We’ve had experience with other IT companies from some of the largest North Carolina has to offer to small, mom and pop organizations. Grassroutes is ahead of the entire pack. They are, by far, more knowledgeable, more available and more supportive than any other vendor.”
Director, Physician Owned Application Service Provider
“As a lean turnaround operation, we’ve relied heavily on many contractors and partners to cost-effectively and quickly boost our capacity in our most critical functions – sales, marketing, accounting, technical support and IT infrastructure and services. Grassroutes Networking was the one partner in that matrix that proved truly indispensable. You can build your business around them.”
CEO, Lean Manufacturing SaaS Provider

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