Grassroutes Meets Rigorous Industry Standards 

Currently 61% of healthcare organizations nationwide reported a security related incident in the form of breach, data loss or unplanned downtime at least once this past year, according to a health IT report by MeriTalk. These types of security breaks aren’t merely a hassle, they come with a hefty price tag; a forecasted $1.6 billion annual expense. That works out to about $800,000 per hospital or practice.

Most providers know they’re not prepared, but the substantial challenges due to the ever changing IT landscape and near constant demands of standards and regulation requirements are confusing. Small businesses especially feel the strain of these changes as they use up valuable time and resources trying to make sense of all the complexities. Are you rolling the dice hoping you aren’t a target? Odds are it’s not a question of “if”, its a question of “when”.

Grassroutes Networking meets all HIPAA compliance standards as set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act. We are your singular partner for HIPAA services, support and compliance across the entire network.

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