NC Registered Investment Advisor Chooses Grassroutes Networking for Security and Compliance


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE)  had recently sent to the Firm, and many other firms like them, notification that as of February 12, 2014 all securities related firms are required to have a cybersecurity policy. The OCIE provided an extensive list of compliance requirements suggesting that if any firm reports more than 10 breach incidents, unauthorized access to customer information, or the unavailability of a firm service for more than 10 minutes that they could be considered non-compliant and subject to fines… Read the case study 




Grassroutes Secures Medical Data Center and Network for Application Service Provider

 shutterstock_130682090As the ASP’s client base grew, they noticed certain elements of their Microsoft networking solution were not correctly implemented. They needed to improve the reliability of their servers, connect 13 different medical practice clients to the data center, and maintain all the data lines. On top of the network sits the EHR (Electronic Health Record) application, the critical beating heart of their business. So when the network was not functioning properly or servers went down, access to the EHR was impaired across all 13 customers causing not only loss of revenue, but also impacting patient safety…Read the case study