Justin Diana, General Manager

Justin has over 15 years of experience as a repeat entrepreneur, technology practitioner, business analyst, technical leader and problem solver. As a former software developer, network administrator, business consultant, agile practitioner and customer support representative, Justin has first-hand knowledge of how a technical business operates day-to-day. Having spent more than 10 years in senior management as a Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Technical Services and Director of Operations, Justin is also keenly aware of the strategic needs of an organization as well.

Justin’s background and expertise have allowed him, over the years, to work for and alongside companies like Cisco Systems, SciQuest, Motricity, Lucent Technologies, Datacraft Solutions and many others. Justin lives in North Raleigh with his wife Melissa and 2 children.

Vic Tolomei, VP of Operations

Vic has over 47 years of professional experience in software product and application architecture, development, professional services and technical management. This includes extensive and intensive work with the Web and Internet, SaaS, client/server, workstation, microcomputer, minicomputer and mainframe platform architectures, spanning the operating system level through the user interface, from real-time computer graphics and video to enterprise multinational mission-critical business applications. Most of years have been in hands-on management and executive roles such as Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Software Development and Professional Services, Vice President of Advanced Software Solutions and Senior Director of Technical Support.

Vic has worked for companies including the 100-year-old Bell and Howell, SciQuest, HAHT Commerce, Imonics Corp. and Sun Microsystems, with customers that spanned the top of the Fortune 500 to small business.

He was also a Senior Instructor at the University of California at Los Angeles for certified software programming courses, holds three U.S. Patents, and is a contributing author to a published book on practical software metrics in the real world.

Cory Sexton, Operations Manager

Cory has over 14 years in the IT field supporting both large and small companies. From supporting desktop systems to supporting complex server and network environments, Cory has supported many of the different technologies employed by companies today. Having spent many years as the sole IT resource for several companies, Cory is very in tune with the needs of small businesses and has deployed many effective and cost-efficient solutions to fulfill those needs.

Cory’s background and expertise have allowed him, over the years to work for and alongside companies like Cisco Systems, SciQuest, Motricity, Appia, Datacraft Solutions, IBM, and many others. Cory lives in Mebane with his wife and 4 kids.

Brad Morrison, Workstation Support Engineer

Brad has over 10 years of experience in the IT field.  As a former business process analyst, Brad extensively interviewed users from all levels in business.  Then developed process flows that identified waste and inefficiency.  He also worked closely with developers to implement IT solutions to improve work and productivity.  As an IT Specialist, Brad has worked rebuilding and repairing computers, providing user support for desktops and servers, as well as managing backup systems for disaster recovery. He understands the everyday needs of both the business and the individual end-user and is always striving to provide excellent service and support.  Brad has worked in several industries, including, biotechnology, wireless tech, and education.

Brad lives in Mebane, NC with his wife, Ashley, and three children.  Brad holds a B.S. in Information Technology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.